Al Cloern, of Basements Unlimited explains a few ideal options for basement storage in his video.

When finishing your basement plan for your remodeling project you may want to consider how much storage you would like to have and what type of storage you would need.

Here is an excerpt from Al Cloern: “A question we hear a lot is: ‘How much of our basement should we remodel?’  And really, that comes down to how much living space you would like and how much additional storage you want. Some people don't need any additional storage in their basement so then they use most of the space if not all of it for living purposes; others want a lot of storage in their basement.

When we finish your basement there are two types of storage we build; Finished and unfinished. Unfinished storage as you expect costs much less than a finished storage area, like a closet.

For example a space used as a closet for clothes, we would finish the walls and floor just like a closet in the upstairs of your home. We can create traditional closets with shelving in them or hanging area for clothes, be it for hanging summer clothes or storing winter clothes etc.

Often if there is a closet built underneath the stairs for example, we will not put shelving in after the closet is finished. Because these spaces are deep and perfectly suitable for suitcases, hanging coats or even the expansion of imagination when little kids actually find it great entertainment to make little forts inside.

The storage that is unfinished can have bought shelving, and of course unfinished walls and floor. Many times, we will make rough storage shelves that will go in this type of unfinished area. They are great for big plastic tubs, containers, and items like that.

As you can imagine, there are many areas that can be converted into storage spaces when your remodeling your basement. The initial challenge will be to decide how much storage space you need overall. Then the basement finishing experts can take it from there to ensure you get all the storage you need while preserving space for living as well.”

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