Video Answers to Questions about Basement Finishing and Remodeling.  


What are some custom bar features I could use in my finished basement?

Custom Wet Bars are one of our most popular features in a finished basement. Most home owners are very specific as to what they want.  Our goal is to create a space that the home owner is going to enjoy for many years. Watch this video to see more custom finishes used in this home owners basement remodel.

This one was different in many ways. We had to get creative on how we hid the sump pump. We put mirrors on the back wall with glass shelves. Hid the microwave & wine cooler so they're not out yet easily accessible. Installed different types of lighting on dimmers that set the whole bar off. 


Do you recommend a Half-wall or Open-handrail on the stairs in my basement?

In almost all of our basements we install open handrails that would match what you have upstairs in your home. If we were to put a half wall in it almost makes it impossible to get furniture down here. We make the handrail removable so you can get furniture, exercise equipment, and other large items down into the basement. It’s a feature that just makes the basement more usable.

What are some bathroom remodeling ideas for basements?

This is a typical bathroom with a vanity, nice corner cabinet and shelves for storage. We always do tile in the showers instead of the cheap fiberglass inserts. It gives the home owners more options and a nice look and feel to the finished room. There are many choices in fixtures, lighting and counter tops. We always work with the homeowner and they don’t have to go out and buy anything. We do it all. It’s all inclusive in the basement remodel.

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Here are more wet bar options for a basement.

There are many variations of wet bars. You can have a simple walk up bar with a fridge and a sink or incorporate custom cabinetry, lighting and TVs. In every wet bar we build we work with the homeowner to find out and incorporate exactly what they need in their basement finishing project. 

This particular basement has a full size fridge, overhead lighting with custom framework and custom made cabinetry to surround the TV and set off the tiled backsplash. 

How do you hide utilities when you remodel a basement?

Al Cloern explains how a professional basement contractor is the best type of contractor to hire when refinishing your basement. There are many things they take into consideration when remodeling your basement that other contractors may not think about.

Al shares how they work around structural poles and supports when remodeling. He also shows you how he hides electric panels and other unsightly utilities so they are only visible when you need to access them. 

What type of ceiling should I use in my basement?

We do almost exclusively dry wall ceilings because we want you basement remodel to look like the first floor; like the rest of your house. So when you come downstairs you feel you are just in another part of the house not in a so called basement.

Many people suggest a drop ceiling and although it will allow you access to everything… we like the look and feel of a dry wall ceiling. Anything that needs accessibility to we will either put a fake vent over it or access panel or electrical cover on it. So you have complete access to it.

The basement will look and feel just like the rest of your house. We believe dry wall is the best finish for the ceiling.

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We will discuss basement remodeling ideas & desired purpose for your new living space.

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