Wet Bar Features for a Finished Basement

This is Al Cloern with Basements Unlimited.  I would like to walk you through step by step what we we did for one of our clients in their home. This will give you an idea as to how we work with each customer to create a custom built Wet Bar. Our goal is to give each client exactly what they want.

Custom Wet Bars are one of our most popular features in a finished basement. Most home owners are very specific as to what they want the Wet Bar to look like and do.  Our goal is to create a space that the home owner is going to enjoy for many years.

First, we get with the home owner and get all their ideas and how they want to incorporate them into the Wet Bar. We specify the type of appliances they want, the shape and size of the bar, the lighting features, wood options and many other details that are important.

Second, we lay out the design and draw it all out so that our client knows exactly what he's getting and how it's gonna work. This one we just finished is different many ways... which they're all are. On this one we had to get creative on how we hid the sump pump. The sump pump was actually moved from the center of room to the corner of the basement. The Wet Bar was then designed to hide the sump pump but yet keep it easily accessible.

Third, this client wanted a stereo system. The  stereo equipment was incorporated into the Wet Bar so that it could be hidden and protected in one of the cabinets. If the stereo equipment needed to be used or serviced the cabinet it is located in actually pulls out so that you can get to all the stereo equipment.  From there we place the TV in a space that is viewable to everybody sitting at the bar.

Fourth, we put regular mirrors on the back wall with glass shelves for the glasses and bottles to be displayed. On this one and we hid the microwave and  wine cooler so that it's not out yet it is easily accessible. You really want to make it look like a bar and not a kitchen. That's extremely important. So we usually use the mini appliances, in this case, we've got a kegerator. This Wet Bar does not have a dishwasher in it. Some clients want that and some people don't.

Fifth, it is important to get the lighting just right. The different lighting that goes into these can really set the whole bar off. On this particular one we installed under cabinet lights. They're all on dimmers and look very nice as they shine through the glass shelves. Some of the shelves are frosted glass which gives the bar area a great look. Then we installed rope lighting underneath the counter all the way around the bar. With the regular lights on dimmers you can create any mood that you would like. It really adds to the whole bar experience

Sixth, we look at the plumbing and sinks. Most of them are stainless sinks. On this bar we used the square sink instead of the rounded bowl sinks. We also used a pull down faucet.

One big difference on this bar is we have wood not only on the bar surface but also on the counter top surface. The home owner liked the two-tone wood which worked out fantastic. You can also find out more about wet bar options here. We can create any custom feature you are looking for in your home.

What creates these great, creative and unique bars is taking the home owners ideas and putting them into real form. And if you take the time and the energy, then you can do that on everyone of these bars. In this particular case, we think we've created a great, great venue for all his friends and relatives as they enjoy this custom wet bar and watch some good football games.



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