Wet Bars are big features in basement remodeling. From simple walk-ups to full size kitchens.

Al Cloern, of Basements Unlimited, explains more in this video:

“One of the big features that most people ask for is a functional and convenient wet bar for their basement.  And obviously, there is enormous variation of what you can do, from very simple walk-up wet bars with a little microwave, mini fridge, and a sink, to the big sit-down bars, with a double sink, fridge and wrap around bar, like this one pictured here.

This particular basement wet bar was all custom-built. The cabinetry and built in features were all designed by myself, with the help of the homeowner.  Often, we find that's the best way to do it, especially when incorporating the new flat screen TV and any other custom items. Stock cabinetry doesn’t accommodate the TVs as well as custom built cabinets.

There are endless options that go into this type of wet bar. Several lighting ideas from styles of lights: pendant lights, recessed light fixtures and rope lighting to application of the lightning in different areas. In this case, we blocked out the ceiling with crown molding and installed rope lighting above that.

We also installed lighting under the cabinets to enhance the counter space and highlight the tile backsplash. These types of lighting treatments really give the space an overall comfortable feel and allow for task lighting as well as mood lighting in the wet bar area.

We also have, the wine holders, the tile backsplash, & TV including cable and sound systems working on an IR -- infrared sensor. When designing a space like this the home owners need to consider any features and needs they would have and then we can consider all of these options for your basement. 

This wet bar also has a full-sized fridge. Often people like those for the extra storage of cold beverages or for food prepared for a large gathering of friends and family. This one also has a dishwasher. Our goal is to add a decor that mirrors the look and feel of your house upstairs with the added convenience of amenities as well.

Another nice feature here is the cabinet that hides the microwave. It allows the microwave to be accessible but doesn't make the bar look like a kitchen. Again, there are many options that can go into a wet bar for your basement remodeling project. We can let you know what the latest trends are and give you some ideas that would work for your space. Take a look at our wet bar ideas to find out more about the options available to you.

It doesn't matter what look you're trying to get with your bar.  When features are matched with the benefits and uses you would like from your basement wet bar you will have achieved getting exactly what you were looking for in your finished basement. Your basement will no longer feel like a basement but an extension of your home.”

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